It's here!. Hang your Westy from a tree... a Christmas Tree
You can download a template and then print it on your inkjet.
Use a pair of scissors and glue and you will have a Westy Christmas ornament. Chose the color you want, or make them all.

Red Westy
Green Westy with white top
Green Westy with green top
Yellow Westy
Tips and tricks in building the Westfalia Xmas ornament.
Here are my 2 completed Westies. It is a marvel how nice and realistic they look. Here's some suggestions.
  • I printed 2 sheets, one to refer to where the fold lines are while I worked on the other.
  • My hands are shaky and I am not good with scissors. I used a straight edge ruler and an exactor hobby knife to cut out the pattern. Slow going, but accurate.
  • If you use the knife method, do it with a cardboard backing so as to not cut up the table. I used the back of a notepad.
  • Once the pattern is cut, pre-fold where you are supposed to. Before gluing, do a dry fit to make sure you have it right.
  • Have some scotch tape handy if you make a mistake. I needed to mend one when I didn't cut right.
  • I used Elmer's glue but I think a paper glue (muselage) might work better.
  • Go slow and hold the things together while the glue sets up.
  • Try and resist going vrooom when playing with your new Westy.  Enjoy!
  •  If possible, print on Hi-Gloss photo paper, 
  • I used double backed Scotch Tape instead of Elmers Glue. It grabs and holds very well and you don't have hold the tabs while the glue sets. Also, it's easier to reposition the tabs for any re-alignment.
  • Another tip; attach one side of the underbody to the body (after tape has been applied to all tabs on both body and underbody). Assemble only the front and back to the side to which the underbody is attached, then attach the other side and swing the underbody into position. This sequence allows you to squeeze the tabs together with your fingers for a more secure bond.
  • The double backed tape makes the whole job a snap. Be sure all tabs are folded and creased for a sharp bend. I scored the fold lines with a ball point pen before bending and applying tape.