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It is beginning to look like a full blown Westfalia Camper.

Rich has sent photos showing his progress in the restoration. We will continue to follow his project over the next few weeks.

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images/rich's latest pictures
submitted April 1
New Photos below submitted April 6
More New Photos below submitted April 12
Photos below submitted April 24 - Next step - Painting
Photos below submitted August 1
Photos Submitted August 7
Rich's project is on it's final journey
Rich has his project trailered and ready to go to Maine for it's engine and tranny.
Here it is in Harpswell Maine at Foreign Auto Supply. Jon and Mike have the van set to get the tiico 1.9 turbo diesel and tranny done around the new year.

The END of the restoration project and the beginning of the fun

For those of you who remember, Rich M. did a restoration of a Westy. Well, the day has come when he took possesion of his restored Westy with a new engine. Some quotes from Rich, " It drove home like a dream, 70 MPH for the 4 hour, 235 mile trek home." "Jon replaced everything under the van and I do mean everything. I drove home with no music not a rattle or vibration. This van is a bran new 1982 vanagon, I can not say enough good about team FAS."
To refresh your memory of this project click on the link in the left hand column under LINKS which says "A Westy Restoration"

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