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LiMBO People


Who: Coy Bethune
What: LiMBO President
Where: 12 Second Street
Bristol, RI 2809
Contact Information:(401) 254-2350

I've been a VW hobbist since the early 80s. Back then I founded two VW clubs, one in RI; The V-Dub Club of RI and the Bay State VW Club in Massachusetts. We put on several car shows with those clubs. We also did the "East Coast Caravan" to "Bug Out" for several years. I've been in LiMBO for almost as long. I've been on the Board of Directors for a few years, this year I was voted in as President! I've been hosting "Buses in the Bay" for the last few years. We had a '67 Kombi that was blue, white and rust. We currently have a "77 Campmobile and an '86 7 passenger Syncro! We enjoy the cruises and camp-outs as well as the parties!
As President I'm always available to suggestions and ideas so give me a ring or drop me an E-mail. See you around the campfires!


Who:Stan Wohlfarth
What: Advisor
Where:29 Woodland Rd., Wayland, MA 01778
Contact Information:

I've been into Volkswagens since I was old enough to drive. I bought a '71 Westfalia and took that camper on some great trips, including Nova Scotia in the early '90s. I replaced it with our current '81 camper in the mid-90's. I have also owned an '87 Syncro Vanagon and am now enjoying a pair of split window buses; my '65 DoubleDoor panel and '61 Mango green microbus. My involvement with LiMBO started when I met the founder, Zach Woods, promoting the club at a VW event in 1989. Since then I have served as newsletter editor, membership coordinator, newsletter ad rep. and president. I also am the promoter of the Transporterfest/VW Day event in Brookline, MA every fall. After all these years I still really enjoy LiMBO and the great people that come out for the camping, cruising, and various car shows. My latest adventure with VWs has been the creation of Stan's Classic Service, specializing in supplying 'Boston Bob' engineered rebuilt engines and doing local vintage VW service work. If you are looking for a quality rebuilt air-cooled or water-boxer engine with a well known reputation for longevity please give me a call. I've been working on my own 'dubs' since 1979, and now you can also enjoy the same attention to detail and quality workmanship that all my VWs receive. My cellphone is 508-333-7813 and the shop is located in Natick, MA.


Who: Jim Digennaro
What: Pay Pal Coordinator.
Where: Adams, MA 01220
Contact Information: Email:

I've been a member of LiMBO since before it was LiMBO. I first met LiMBO founder Zach Woods in 1988 when I was driving my 66 Camper and he was showing up at NEATO events talking about starting a club for 68 and newer VW buses. In December of 1988, my 66 was wrecked in a crash and in 1989 I bought a 79 Green Westy. I joined LiMBO and haven't looked back. Since Zachs' departure from running the club in 93, I've worn several hats in the club including, treasurer, board member, webmaster and advertising coordinator. I'm currently the editor of 'The Transporter', LiMBO's official newsletter, President and website 'administrator'. I also used host a LiMBO sponsored campout known as "Transporters By The Tunnel". I've been into VW's almost all of my adult life starting with my first car, a 71 Superbeetle in college and working my way into a 66 Camper which is when I fell in love with the VW bus and its lifestyle. I personally would love to drive an air-cooled bus everyday, but my lovely wife, Barbra, need more 'creature comforts' like heat. Barbra and I are also members of several VW clubs here in the Northeast, The HAMS club (New York based), New Hampshire VW club, Vacationland VW assoc. (Maine) and the CVA (Connecticut) My day job is selling autoparts Pittsfield, MA. I'm also a part time DJ for the local oldies station. I also supply the sound at many New England VW events.


Who: Philip Dlugolecki
What: WebMaster
Where: Schuyler Escarpment
Contact Information: Email:
 Phone: 315-768-0962

I have an 84 Westy which I've had for nearly 20 years now. I love it. I started going to the VW gatherings about 12 years ago and had a ball. My Westy is the best escape mechanism for me. I keep it packed and ready to go in the camping seasons. Weekend comes and if I feel like it. I'm gone!


Who: Dale Ward
What: Membership
Where:9 Golden Hill Ave.,Shrewsbury, MA 01545-3042
Contact Information:

Like several others on this page, I've been associated with LiMBO since meeting Zach Woods in the late eighties. I still have the window sticker from the first ever "Official" LiMBO event, Buses in the Wild, September 9-10, 1989, Rutland, Massachusetts. I've served the Club in several capacities over the years, including Area Representative Coordinator, and President. My duties now include sending out the New Member Packets, and maintaining my home here at 9 Golden Hill as the "LiMBO Club House", always available for newsletter production, strategy planning sessions, the annual meeting, and a rest stop for wayward bus owners. In real life, I'm a line haul truck driver. Out all night Monday-Friday, but always home during the day. You can get me on my cell phone anytime between 7:00 PM and 5:00 AM. 774-275-0218. I'm happily divorced with two terrific kids, Barry and Vanessa and a great ex-wife Holly. In fact I have to credit Holly for encouraging me to buy my pride and joy 1990 Westfalia Camper way back when. The rest of my fleet is made up of lesser VW's, almost too numerous to remember, but include a '76 Westfalia, '72 Super Beetle, '90 daily driver Vanagon, my daughter's '90 Jetta, my '96 Golf "winter car", most of them run, but some don't. You get the idea. I try to make it to most of the Southern New England Volkswagen Events. If you see me, stop and say "Hello". Dale Ward, LiMBO Club House Keeper


Who: Mike Guilfoil
What: Clerk
Where: 10 Meadow Pkwy. Franklin, MA 02038
Contact Information:
Web Site: na
Phone: (508) 528-0166

I have been a member of LiMBO since it's earliest days - I think even before I had a bus. I have loved Volkswagen Beetles and Buses since I was a kid, and around 1989-1990 I decided to finally look into trying to buy a Bus. I found NEATO, started going to events, and joined NEATO with the purpose of finding a split windshield bus. I met Zach Woods (LiMBO founder) at some event where he was handing out flyers trying to get LiMBO going and decided to join. I bought my first bus in 1991 - a 1975 Yosemite Yellow Westfalia Deluxe with a near virgin interior and a body that had just been redone with lots of Bondo. I had that bus until 1999 when it finally lost the battle to rust. In 1997 I purchased a 1987 passenger van (daily driver), and in 1998 I bought a very nice 1987 Westfalia. The '87 passenger van was sadly parted with in 2005 when the head gasket went for the second time (caused by overheating due to a faulty temperature sensor). When Zach was trying to establish an organizational structure at the early meetings I volunteered to be the Clerk, and since then nothing has changed - I'm "Still the Clerk". In 1993 I completed the task of filing for Incorporation, establishing LiMBO as a non-profit organization. My duties as Clerk include writing the minutes of the Annual Meetings and filing the required Annual Report with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as being an all around “Good Guy”, beloved by all

LiMBO Volunteers

Glen Smith
Mike Guilfoil
10 Meadow Pkwy.
Franklin, MA 02038
(508) 528-0166
Stan Wohlfarth
29 Woodland Road
Wayland, MA 01778
(508) 651-3502
Membership New
Dale Ward
9 Golden Hill Ave.
Shrewsbury, MA 01545-3042
(508) 842-2121
Philip Dlugolecki
Schuyler, NY
LiMBO-Mart Manager
Coy Bethune
12 Second Street
Bristol, RI 2809
Contact Information:(401) 254-2350