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What is LiMBO?

LiMBO stands for, the Late Model Bus Organization, international. LiMBO was established, in 1988 by Zach Woods. Designed to help fellow owners and enthusiasts of 1968 and newer Volkswagen Type 2 Transporters, Vanagons and the Eurovan maintain, restore, buy, sell and enjoy their vehicles. Membership is open to all owners and admirers of these vehicles and ownership of a 1968 and newer VW Transporter is not a prerequisite to join. We currently sport thousands of members Worldwide.

Our newsletter, The Transporter, is a bimonthly electronic publication dedicated to late model VW Transporters. Each issue brings readers bus adventure stories and useful information regarding the maintenance and restoration of these vehicles. All material is submitted by club members. The Transporter also helps club members nationwide and internationally keep in touch with each other through its classified ads and listings of LiMBO (and other VW club) events.

LiMBO organizes and sponsors regional campouts and get togethers. Many of the larger VW shops and specialty Bus shops offer specials and discounts to LiMBO members.
Membership is just 10 dollars
Did you know that March 8th 2010 marked the 60th Anniversary of the beloved VW Microbus!!
Plus it has been 69 years since Ben Pon dreamed up the little bus.

How to Join or renew LiMBO!

LiMBO has gone paperless. eMail newsletters..for the low price of 10 Bucks
 You can use

Or send in a check or Money order as shown below.

We can now accept your new membership application on-line!! Here is what you get.
  • Get a full year of LiMBO, monthly eMail newsetters..perhap more! The Transporter filled with all sorts of useful information for your bus.
  • LiMBO window sticker. Looks cool in the back window, lets others know your a proud LiMBO member
  • Plus discounts on merchandise and Services at selected VW retailers
  • All for 10 bucks

eMail Membership

Now you can join LiMBO at a reduced price. For only $10.00 dollars per year you'll join LiMBO and you'll receive eMail newsletters. This membership included all the same features of a regular membership. Discounts on purchases from Select VW retailers and a LiMBO sticker. So be sure to include all pertinent info with your payment.A valid eMail address is required! 1 year eMail membeship: $10.00

If you want to join LiMBO without using a credit card

  Print out the text application form!

If joining, please make check or money order payable to "LiMBO''.

Please mail form to :

LiMBO info request
c/o Dale Ward
9 Golden Hill Ave
Shrewsbury, MA 01545