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Author Topic: 2.1L Vanagon Connecticut Emission Test  (Read 2675 times)

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2.1L Vanagon Connecticut Emission Test
« on: August 02, 2007, 06:33:18 PM »
Today I ran my '87 Vanagon thru its bi-annual Connecticut Emissions Test. It passed easily. On March 7, 2005 a 2.1L re-built engine from Boston Engine was installed by D & D Auto Repair of Storrs, CT at the odometer reading of 144,435. That engine went thru emissions on August 2, 2005 and passed successfully. Between these two tests the only service work done was the installation of a new catalitic converter and routine oil changes. Two years and elapsed mileage of almost 5700.

Here's a comparision of the two tests:

Test Date:08/02/2007,  Odometer 151,990

                             HC(PPM)        CO%            NOx(PPM)

     Limit                 160                6.17             15333

     Emissions           77                0.48                 601

     Result               Pass              Pass             Pass

Test Date: 08/10/2005,  Odometer  146,298

     Limit                 160                6.17             15333

     Emissions           89                0.57               2982

     Result               Pass              Pass             Pass

Note: In both tests the Gas Cap Test was waived as the Test Station did not have an adapter for Vanagon tanks.

You will note that Emissions were lower in all tests from 2005 to 2007. I attribute this to the excellent work of Bob Donalds of Boston Engine on the re-build of the 2.1L engine and its installation and subsequent service by Andy and Jason Duval of

D & D Auto Repair.

Next Test due 08/02/2009
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« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2007, 10:28:39 PM »
7000 miles in two years? Where the heck have you been?  Your running that poor bus ragged!! :lol:  I put 5700 miles on my Eurovan in 4 months.  Then again, it is my daily driver.   :)   Not to knock Bob or your other mechanic, but I'll wager that new cat helped out the emissions.   Looks like its running pretty clean just the same.  A Catalyst, can only do so much if the engine was running poorly.

Imagine the pollutants that were being spewed into the atmosphere 30-40 years ago before Catalytic converters and fuel injection.  Unfortunately, there are three times as many cars on the road today as there was then.  So the pollution problem hasn't gotten much better.
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