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Author Topic: The devs really have to comprehend that  (Read 28 times)

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The devs really have to comprehend that
« on: December 07, 2019, 12:23:41 AM »
The devs really have to comprehend that and also need to buy RuneScape gold try do some self-searching to find creative satisfaction in working like the OSRS devs do. The majority of the community sincerely don't care about game design or"the experience" as it pertains to runescape game, they just need to have the ability to acquire their consideration to be as striking as possible without significant work. The Completionist capes feels homogenized and greatly devalued now, but the majority of people are still happy with the update simply because it means that they could have the capes for the cape's sake. Most people preferred when you could heal-'cade in Yakamaru since they did not want to have the boss struggle's intended difficulty, they only wished to advance through the content and get their Achto.

Most of the community used to feel outraged when a new pursuit boss was hard because it meant they needed to feel stressed while getting their pursuit cape back. Am I neccesarily legitamizing some one of these complaints or agreeing with? No, I found myself split from the neighborhood in that regard. I get into final quest bosses being tough and I hate how they have cheapened the Completionist cape. Sorry for the tyrant-sized article, I recently beat the runescape match this past year by completing all of my goals and getting all achievements (!!!) And have soft-quit since then. I had these frustrations brewing during those years spent beating the runescape game on every level.

I recall seeing something on here. Ish? Maybe. Posted by means of a mod as an excuse as to why they did not add a power-armor styled passive to the Trimmed Masterwork Armor and instead picked for its current tank-style passive. The reasoning put in simple terms is that high level supervisors (Telos being an example in this case ) have such insanely lucrative droptables that even a 1% increase to kill occasions could (and this can be dumbing down the actual effect like no tomorrow to exemplify the point) crash everything on its own droptables by the exact same percentage or even more.

Unexpectedly nobody wants to go get (insert item on high level droptable here) the ordinary way as it's dirt cheap. Subsequently the only people providing it in any form would be the PvMers, and that's where the entirety of the market stays aside from the somewhat powerful M&S Rework. If it had been up to me, PvM would fall only key items (such as bones, hides, things you could only obtain from these critters ), rare thematic drops (i.e. weapons and armors, stuff exclusive to how to make money fast on runescape said creatures ), RDT. My only thought is that this would tarnish what many believe is RuneScape's individuality which is totally understandable. But this is hardly sustainable.

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