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Phone Story or Perils of online purchasing
« on: March 17, 2018, 12:57:09 PM »
OK, I did my homework on smart phone buying. To make a long story short, I decided to go with Consumer cellular for the service and a Huawei P8 smartphone. So, I looked on EBay and found a place called “sobeonline1” and I ordered the phone. I put my consumer cellular sim card in it and all was well for about 8 months. 

Then, overnight, my cell phone said “no service” I couldn’t send or receive calls. I called consumer cellular and after a time I realized all was well with the signal. So, I decided to call Huawei corporate help line. Here’s the rub.

I talked to a well-informed Huawei man. We knew the phone was still under warranty since it was less than a year since I bought it.  He asked for some numbers from my phone. He looked the numbers up on his computer. He said that the phone was from Iran. He said Huawei dedicates their phones to the countries they are going to so they can add the appropriate updates for that region.  He said some U.S.  Sellers go to different countries and buy bulk phones cheaper than they could here and then sell them to U.S. customers for a higher profit margin.

He told me my warranty was invalid since this phone was meant for Iran, not the U.S. So, I get no money back, no replacement phone, and I am s___t out of luck.
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