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Author Topic: 85 Westy Weak/orange spark can't resolve  (Read 1952 times)

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85 Westy Weak/orange spark can't resolve
« on: September 21, 2013, 08:58:20 PM »
Hi everyone,

Problem I was hoping someone had some experience or thoughts on for troubleshooting an orange spark on an 85 vanagon, digijet.

I usually do all my own work and am a marine engineer during the day, grew up with vw's and also have an 82 I do all my own work on but this one has me stumped.

Van runs OKAY, but engine bucks at misses while at idle and when at higher rpms when going down the road. just runs rough. Spark from coil is Weak and I suspect that this is behind the rough running. so far I've replaced the following:
fuel pressure reg
rotor etc. Checked out all the usual's and cant find it. Cleaned my grounds, did the Bentley check for the coil, hall unit etc. I have 13.4VDC at the plus side of the coil.

As I mentioned van runs okay but I get terrible mileage and after a lot of pulling my hair out I am fairly certain that the culprit is that the coil is not putting out. Only getting an orange spark when I pull the coil wire and hold it 1/4"or so from a ground. I've tested several new green labeled coils to no effect so I have rued that out.

At this point I am thinking even though the hall unit tests out okay that I should get a new one to replace it and see but was hoping someone might have a different idea. To my understanding ignition control units usually just fail but maybe not the case this time.

Compression is also fine. cant remember everything else Ive checked but it hasn't been any of the usual's.

Thanks for any help.
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