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Author Topic: Is it needed to run?  (Read 1594 times)

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Is it needed to run?
« on: April 12, 2011, 10:22:54 AM »
With any of our beloved old "ass's that bear us" ~John Muir~, be they a bus from the 1950's to Early 90's something will eventually wear out.
I hear you ... "Tell me something I don't know".
My latest particular head scratching questions is concerning the real need for the :
Throttle Switch
Idle Stabilizer Control Valve and the
Idle Stabilizer Control Unit.

If you know what I'm talking about .... you know what I'm talking about and can skip to the bottom of the post.  
If not here's a quick run down for the casual reader.

The throttle switch is under the throttle body and opens up when the gas pedal is fully depressed (cheer up little switch).  When it switches on it is supposed to tell the 'computer' to open the fuel injectors to full capacity (among other things) so you can get the most HP from your engine.  The thinking is you are trying to go up a hill or evade the Po-Po (Ha- Ha).

Both the Idle Stabilizer Valve (that rounded spark plug looking thing on the top of your 2.1 housed in a rubber mount) and the "Unit", located behind your passenger side tail light that looks like a large black plastic relay switch/box do just what they are named for.  Stabilize the idle.

Both my switch and valve are fried.  I think the "Unit" is ok.  I unplugged, timed and adjusted the idle last spring, and I don't seem to have a problem.
My '86 Weekender is my daily driver and get's way too much of my attention in her upkeep so she is driving well and strong.  (There are little intermittent hesitations at the top of second, but that's another post)
My question is how much better the bus and I will be doing if I replace the throttle switch (nearly impossible to find) and the Idle Stabilizer Valve (a $250 value).  FYI- the "Unit" runs about $400 new from BusDepot.

Right now I'm just in the thoughtful head scratching mode of what do I spend my next "change jar" purchase on?

Anyone ever do a replacement and lived to tell the tale?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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