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Vanagon concerns / Re: 1.9 AAZ/JX hybrid engine in 82 Westy
« on: August 21, 2019, 04:44:26 PM »
it has become clear i will never have the resources to get my camper back on the road. if there is anyone out there interested in taking it on as a project, or paying what the components are worth, please contact me.
i would rather have the lot sent to the crusher than deal with low balling vultures, so anyone thinking of paying pennies on the dollar should stay away.
i have a rebuilt (4200 miles) 5 speed Diesel transmission, rebuilt JX turbo-diesel injector pump, another JX pump (missing the aneroid capsule), a brand new VW replacement panel still in the box for the side behind the sliding door, one whole trubo and a bunch of turbo parts, custom JX style intake manifold to fit AAZ head.
other stuff.

Vanagon concerns / Re: 1.9 AAZ/JX hybrid engine in 82 Westy
« on: May 28, 2019, 11:44:44 AM »
i know it has been a very long time since i opened this topic. things have not gone well.
i am disabled, unemployed, chronically ill, and homeless. my 82 Westy was my home, until it died.
unfortunately, when i acquired the AAZ long block, the only place i had to work was on a dirt road behind the house of friends.
a thunderstorm with howling winds blew the tarp off the block. the cam chamber was drenched and water got into two or three cylinders.
i will not lift a finger to do anything more on that engine unless i have the use of workspace that has a roof, a solid floor, walls, and clean workbench space. i am too old and too sick to be able to cope with less.
the big sticking point now is rust. the panel behind the sliding door is rusted through. the corner panel behind it is mashed. the foot well on the driver's side is rusted through.
i have replacement metal for all of those.
the thing is, i can't do body work. i have zero experience, no body tools, and no place to work.
i have pledges for up to $10K to repair the machine, but that would have to include any transportation costs getting the body to a shop, and building an engine.
i don't know if this machine is worth saving.
does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on that?
if it is worth restoring, where can i get that done? (all the shops near here are only interested in doing insurance work)
the camper has an AAS 5 speed Diesel transmission that was overhauled by my local VW dealer 4000 miles ago. there is a Canadian high top with my name on it waiting for it up in Canada.
the hulk is sitting in eastern Connecticut about two miles from I 84, if anyone wants to see it.
i could really use some help with this. 

Vanagon concerns / 1.9 AAZ/JX hybrid engine in 82 Westy
« on: April 27, 2017, 07:02:00 PM »
i am in the process of building an engine from an AAZ (1.9 turbo Diesel) long block and a blown JX Vanagon 1.6 turbo Diesel. if anyone has questions, comments, or experience doing a similar project, please let me know.
i answer all questions honestly. (that is why i say "I don't know." as often as i do)

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