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Hello, I am looking for a VW Bus who would be willing to drive a bride from her home in Westfield Mass to her wedding in Russell Mass. I had four of them lined up to come to the wedding one to drive her and the others were just going to come and let the wedding party take photos. In return I was going to pay them and they were invited to stay for the BBQ wedding, drinks and music. This is a camping wedding so they were also invited to stay for that, I was going to make a table for just them at the reception so they could enjoy the day with us. Wedding is Sept 12 would need someone to pick her up at 1:15 and bring her only about 10 miles. I really dont want to tell her that the first plan had cancelled because she had her heart set on it.

If anyone would be willing to help I would be greatly appreciative. Please Help! I dont want to let her down thanks for reading

Please reply if interested to thanks


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