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Event/Show/Campout news and reviews / West River Westies 2021
« on: January 31, 2021, 12:35:33 PM »
Dear West River Westies Community,

   Time to start dreaming and planning for summer!

  Bald Mountain Campground plans to host West River Westies July 9, 10, and 11, 2021.  The only possible hitch  would be if Vermont guidelines change and we are restricted from gathering.

   This annual VW bus community gathering is the favorite, and beloved event by many all over the east coast and beyond. Gathering at Bald Mountain Campground in Townshend, VT has been the summer highlight for many in our community and we are incredibly happy to be planning it again.

   We anticipate  that many people will have been able to receive vaccines by this time.

   The campground may not have open bathrooms and showers, depending on conditions.  If this is the case, extra porta-potties will be available.

   So, consider bringing your portable sun shower.  Then again the river is near by.

We will stay in touch with the folks at Bald Mountain Campground.  As there are updates we will post by email and in the Facebook group.

We will plan some of the usual activities such as the raffle of VW items, but the pot luck is likely to be different due to COVID considerations.

More information and details will be sent as they come in and as we get closer to the event.
We are so looking forward to gathering with old and new VW bus friends.

Please share this update with those that would like to join us

Folks can email me directly to be put on list to receive email updates.

Eric Caron

Here are your current ever growing WRW Board of Directors
Eric Caron CEO (Current Event Organizer)
CO- CEO Heidi Fischer
Director of Social Media, Tom Buese
Director of Philanthropic Programs, Jen Werb,
Artistic Director, Trish Gordon
Master of Ceremonies, Jimmy D.
Director of Mischief, Art Haytko
Director of Photographic and media archiving, Paula Haytko

Vanagon concerns / bed liner as paint
« on: March 28, 2016, 08:02:00 PM »
Anyone ever put roll on bed liner on the body of their vehicle? Not just a van, any car.  I'm toying with the idea of painting my work vanagon with a roll on bed liner. I'm not too concerned about looks.

VW stuff Available / 97 Jetta 2.0L manual trans for parts.
« on: February 08, 2015, 05:36:12 PM »
Parting out a 97 Black Jetta GL. Hard t-bone/pole hit on right side. Runs and moves. Engine runs great. Manual transmission shift good and is quiet. Only issue it will pop out of reverse if not held in. I also have a spare trans if needed. Come hear it run and take what you need. If you want to the whole car, we can do that too. EVERYTHING IS CHEAP. MAKE OFFERS. I'd rather not send the car to the salvage yard if someone needs some parts. Cheaper from me than them. Some interior parts available. Pics available if needed.

Where do you like to go Camping? / Re: West River Westies XI
« on: July 10, 2014, 05:23:53 PM »
West River Westies is just over a week away!  Hope to see you there.

Split bus concerns / e-Brake lever postion.
« on: May 16, 2011, 10:17:33 AM »
This is prolly a silly question. For a 67 bus.. Anyone have an idea which side of the brake shoe the eBrake lever is supposed to go on?  Inside or outside of the shoe?

I took the rear brakes apart a couple of months ago,while I was removing the transmission for some spruce up work.  Yesterday I was putting the shoes back on I can't remember if the eBrake lever goes behind or on the front of the shoe.  

The Bentley book shows the lever on the outside.  But when I took the brakes off they were on the back side of the shoe.   I was having trouble putting things back together, so I stopped.  I still have a couple of days before the Arlo walk. Thank for any help.

VW stuff Wanted / Alloy Wheel wanted...
« on: April 20, 2011, 05:22:31 PM »
[WTB] WTB 14" Jetta Carat Alloy wheel   Price: ??  
I'm looking for one maybe two of these wheels from a 90 Jetta Carat. (see photos) Specs on the wheel: 6JX14 ET 38, part number: 191-601-025-P or 357-601-025C. I like the look of these better than the alloy wheels on my wife's 96 Jetta. I have three, need one more. Maybe two, since one of the ones I have has a small dent in the bead. Willing to trade four '96 Jetta 7 spoke alloys..

call my cel: 413-329-1731


VW stuff Wanted / Vanagon/Late bay steel wheels wanted
« on: November 04, 2010, 10:05:47 AM »
Hi Gang,
I'm looking for a couple of steel Vanagon/late bay wheels so I can mount up some snow tires.  Call me 413-329-1731 or eMail:

Thanks -Jim

VW stuff Available / 1997 Eurovan for sale Florida
« on: June 28, 2010, 08:23:57 AM »
posting for a friend.  Contact him via the ad...

EUROVAN bought new in 1997.  Health problem, mine not the Eurovan, forces sale.
Total mileage on odometer, prox 58,000. When not on road Eurovan housed in our garage.
Good Michelin rubber.  $13K.
Robert M. Bricker, 856 Connemara Circle, Venice FL34292..      941-484-0955.

VW stuff Wanted / Awning brackets wanted
« on: May 12, 2010, 06:00:38 PM »
Summer is almost here and I'd love to install my awning on my vanagon. I'm looking for a pair of awning bracket for a tube style carefree awning. If I can't find a pair, perhaps I can get some info on someone who could make them. Contact me @ <> or phone 413-329-1731

Vanagon concerns / Vanagon Drivablity problems...
« on: March 28, 2010, 10:06:40 PM »
Hi Gang,

My 87 vanagon is experiencing some driveablity issues. Like thats a surprise.

Symptoms: Hi idle cold... 2500-3000 after warm up the idle is fine.

Runs poor cold. It acts like the choke is stuck on while cold. But of course its not carbureted. No power, skipping. During this time, I have to feather the throttle in order it get and keep the van moving.

But as soon as the O2 sensor warms up and kicks in it smooths out and runs decent enough. I know its the O2 sensor thats working because I unplugged it and it ran poorly and never got better until I plugged it back in. But it still isn't perfect. The engine has no power on the low end. But as soon as it hits 22-2400 RPMs the power smooths out and the van runs just fine. I could drive all day at highway speed without any problems.

Taking off at lights and climbing hills are as real PIA. I have to get the RPMS up and slip the clutch a bit to take off and climbo hills. Not good. for the clutch.

I've done a tune up. Plugs, cap, rotor, wires, air filter. I haven't done a fuel filter yet, but its on the list. Though I don't think its a fuel delivery problem. It has plenty of power in the upper RPM range.

I replaced the fuel pressure regulator thinking there was too much pressure it was fooding out at low end. No change.

I've replaced the coolant temp sensor. Twice. No change.

I've replaced the idle stabilizer because of the hi idle. No effect.

I don't have a spare AFM. So I haven't had a chance to check to see if thats the problem. I suppose I should get the book and my multimeter out and check it out.

I've got to read up on the double idle relay.

I've also checked out the green O2 sensor wire too. It checked out. I replaced the end just in case.

I did double check all the grounds and electrical connections at the various plugs for corrosion and poor connections. They all checked out fine. I cleaned a couple just to be sure.

I'm wondering what to do next. Or if anyone had any thoughts. Thanks.

I don't want to give up on the Fuel injection. For the most part, I've had years of trouble free service from all the vanagons I've owned. Its just got me stumped.

Vanagon concerns / Stripped oil drain plug
« on: December 20, 2009, 09:09:57 AM »
I have an oil drain plug issue I'd like to get some suggestions about.

Some yahoo previous owner partially stripped the oil drain plug on my 87.  I've managed to get it tight but it still drips.  I thought of putting in a heilcoil, but the auto parts store said the 14MM kit was 87 dollars!  Yikes...  :shock:

 I thought about tapping it out to the next bigger size.  But, I think, because of the recessed nature of the drain plug is going to make it hard to find a bolt that would seal properly.:sad:

I tried to put in a universal rubber expandable plug, but I couldn't get it into place and tight enough to make me feel comfortable that it wouldn't fall out.  

I'm sure this isn't the first time someone has stripped a drain plug, so I'm just wondering if there is a fix that someone has had good luck with.   Thanks.

Split bus concerns / Lets start using this forum
« on: March 06, 2009, 07:46:15 AM »
I don't have a real Split bus concern.  Mine is running well. I love it. I just hate to see that no one has made a post here.  So I'm posting.  

There is one thing, I would like to find someone to rebuild my King Pins. I don't have to knowledge on how to do it.   I did find one guy, but he sells rebuild king pins that are lowered.  I'm not sure I want to do that just yet.

Vanagon concerns / What happened to the syncro trans posts??
« on: April 14, 2008, 07:25:01 AM »
John Reynolds (Vanagonjr) posted a question about putting a syncro trans in his 2WD vanagon.  Now it looks like its been deleted.  What happened???

Event/Show/Campout news and reviews / Rhode Island show this weekend
« on: August 28, 2007, 05:16:57 PM »
Is anyone going to the show @ Diamond Hill State Park in Rhode Island this weekend.  Weather promises to be good.  Never been, was thinking of taking April with the family and try just being a spectator at one of these things for a change.  

Usually we go to Old Orchard beach for the weekend, but we're wrapping up a big truck giveaway this weekend @ WUPE FM and I have to work most of the day Saturday.  

I Jim Phillips went there last year.  Anyone have any thoughts?

Hi guys,  Just wondering who might be going to the VW shows this coming weekend?  I'm schuduled to play music at both the Volks-Vair Fair and the Vacationland VW show so I'll be there.

I'm leaving right after the Volk-Vair Fair to head up to Windsor, if anyone want to tag along.   Although, I will have to stop off in Poland Spring to drop my family off at the campground there. We're taking our Vacation next week.  

Let me know.  See you this weekend.

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