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Vanagon concerns / Hello Noob to the forum
« on: September 23, 2008, 02:12:08 PM »
Greetings all!
  While I may be a Noob to the forum, surely not a noob on VW's! I've had a 63 Splitty, a 72 Westy, and 85 Vanagon(very short lived) and a few other air-cooled cars over the years. The one thats stayed with me the longest is my 67' Typ 1. It's been with me over 10 yrs now.
  Anyways, I fell into a near cherry 82' Vanagon Westy for $300. It was orignally from Fla. It has one of the most clean bodies on a Vanagon and rustfree too that I have seen in a long time! Camper equipment is totally complete, stove, sink and refridge look like they were never used. All curtains, Eberspacher heater. Really a beautiful Bus. Automatic too. Just over 100k on the odo.

   Of course with any deal of the century there is a catch...... Its going to need another motor or a rebuild. Compression is as follows 1) 30 psi, 2) O psi, 3) 60 psi, 4) 10 psi. So yeah its spent.

 I have no experience with the automatics in busses, I've never heard of any problems with them, only experience I've had with VW autos is the 93+ Water cooled Mk3 Cars, I know they are junk!

 So if you folks got a good 79-83 2.0 that you want to sell LMK. I'd be much obliged!
  Once again greetings and I hope to post here often.

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