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One of my options is Re-Manufactured Engines for my Westy. I have been advised to stay away from GEX or ATK....does anyone have any suggestions for me

Vanagon concerns / '82 Westy
« on: June 16, 2010, 02:07:15 PM »
Thanks for the tip on Stan! I called him yesterday and we had a long chat and between Suburban Engines building the motor and Stan installing it besides other items that are bound to pop up...the deprived fuel issue is still a problem never estimate could be about right, engine is about 4k depending on salvageable parts off the old....I now have to look into transport for it and the best I have come up with is $875. Fayetville, NC to Brookline MA...I have to find a carrier who will do it for less, if possible.
As far as the new engine/old engine I still have a question mark on the condition of the transmission...I'am hoping they will have a better idea once the engine is dropped, not sure.....the fuel problem where she stops and after awhile starts up again has been described as a possible core problem with the gas tank where the lining unfolds/ deteriorates and blocks the fuel line on and off with pressure to the injectors...that has been quoted as 1k fix alone.....and counting :roll:

Vanagon concerns / Aircooled
« on: June 16, 2010, 07:59:35 AM »
I wonder why VW abandoned the design just after two years on the I am told :roll:  Aside from all the negativity I have heard she was a great ride while running and yes at my 57 years I remember and have driven bugs on and off through out my life but no real experience with the aircooled Westy. Its not easy as a newby getting the straight scoop on them as everyone has a varied opinion. What seems to be a consensus is getting the "right" mechanic and god forbid you breakdown on route 40 in New Mexico because sure as _ _ _ _  your not going to find a garage that knows anything about them much less having seen one...which takes me back to my original concern and question as respects their see I have about $7,500. into this one and am looking at going all in which means about another 6,000, conservatively and that is if the tranny is in good excuseeee me if I sound a little hesitant just trying to do my research and get as much feed back as I can.....On a side note...I have been told two different grades of oil...20/50 and Valvoline performance straight 40. This one VW Specialty shop in Amerillo swore by straight 40 in the summer and straight 30 in the winter..they say the engine runs 20 to 50 degrees cooler and after numerous rebuilds over engines they have seen in the past 30 years those that used 40 weight were in far stronger condition for wear....Danny's VW Stuff in Amerillo Texas....great source for parts which they will be selling shortly on ebay and Danny really knows his stuff!!!

Vanagon concerns / '82 Westy
« on: June 14, 2010, 10:28:15 PM »
So, sounds as if the watercooled later models had much the same heating problems....I flew back to Boston but hemoraged $ getting it to Fayetville and am now really at a loss what to do next and who to do it with not to mention cost...I can't keep throwing good money after bad so band aid steps, except to unload it, I am afraid of. I am thinking a complete rebuild and if that's the case do I go ZTech or Subaru and what problems come along with that customization and who to do it and at what cost??? I have no idea what I am looking at with the various options....

Broke and confused....

Vanagon concerns / Amerillo
« on: June 14, 2010, 04:41:20 PM »
Many thanbks for the quick responses...see my updated post on trip ending with "helpless in Fayetville, NC" :(

You may have seen my post Stuck in Amerillo...well we were plagued with fuel problem the whole trip...heat was high 90's 100's every day with more hills than I can shake a stick out and the engine compartment definitely got to hot on more than one occasion with that "burning rubber" smell, and finally having made it to Fayteville, NC from LA she decided to stop all together to unfortunately find out there is no compression in the number 2 cylinder. I had to leave her at a VW dealership that purports to have a mechanic that can work on her and now I need to look at my options and would like your input. First off she is relatively clean in and out. Windows, doors atc. should all be re-gasketed, roof is very pouus as a a Califonrnia vehicle having lived in the sun and pop up tent needs to be relaced.....
MY CONCERN is putting more money into this aircooled van which seems woefully underpowered and very sensitive to over heating especially when under load....TO DO THIS RIGHT WHAT SHOULD I DO?
Helpless in fayetville

Hey everyone you may remeber that I posted earlier my trip to LA to pick up an '82 Westy well I picked it up and am currently driving her back to Rockport MA..I am in Amirello, TX now needing to trouble shoot a problem before I proceed on the van will loose power to a dead stop not start and after 5 minutes start up and you are on your way. Usually happens after filling right up, but not sure. I have replaced fuel filter when it first did it in Kingman Arizona but since ran tank dry and may have picked up some started doing it again this morning and we decidied to turn around and stay in Amerillo before getting back on our way.
I deffinitely am going to change fuel filter, being Saturday and expecting 102 degree weather I need to find someone Local that can help...any suggestions call me....this is a hotel computer and have to get off...508-240-4129. I will try and check posts later.....

Vanagon concerns / '82 Westy
« on: April 23, 2010, 08:43:56 AM »
Before you shake your finger too much,  I must say I did do some research and was finding a hard time to sift through all the conversions and related info and get down to general maintenance things to watch out for...for instance as far as oil I was coming up with 20w 50w and a mann auto stop/check filter, which had strongly been recommended...I was also trying to find out what the preferred oil type is, castrol, penzoil, etc. The engine apparently was rebuilt 20k ago so should be well seated and trouble shooted by this point. ..I remember with my 67 willy's you needed to have an extra coil or you were done, for some reason they were always a problem....What about fuel should I be running higher Octane, say 89% or better as a rule.....?

Vanagon concerns / 1982 Westy - Maintenance tips
« on: April 20, 2010, 03:25:16 PM »
I am looking to pick up a 1982 Westy and bring it home over 3k mile road trip. I am looking to the pro's to tell me what to look out for, bring along as a precaution, spare parts, please advise away...

So excited, heading to LA to pick up a Westy just purchased on
Ebay..looks mint, interior and out 179k on Van 20k on rebuilt engine.

Any heads up mechanical/driving tips, extra items I might bring allowing for a 4k trip in an air cooled van, avg driving speed, etc, etc given its an"82, oil that should be in her...other fluids I may need to top off that are particular to the vw...Do I need to stop periodically? with this van? I am taking my AAA card:)

I am in my mid 50's and my son(age23) wants to join me, which get's me into route places too see, we are all about camping, photography, fly fishing, bird hunting(not this trip) catching some sights..he's 23 ;) brewery's, etc. a bit of each the above would be great....10 days to 2 weeks which is not a lot of time so I will have to pick spots/events...(1) route is 40 across (2) the southerly route around the gulf through New Orleans and up the East Coast...One thing I should mention is that there is a mandatory surprise stop in Ft. Bragg North Carolina where my son is finishing up his Special Forces training..soooo damn proud of him. Need to try and create a memorable, scenic, historic, fun filled trip (Not spent in a garage, we hope) trip...Please forward as many links and ideas as you can..a dad doesn't have too many opportunities like this and I don't want to Blow it :roll:

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