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Title: Google Sucks
Post by: phil on February 20, 2007, 12:39:47 AM
Over the last month I have noticed a serious decline in the quality of Google searches. I noticed that when I did some searches I was directed to pages that were heavily advertising google or wanted me to buy something. My searches were mostly for technical stuff and yet I'd ended up on some marginally related topic. It was never that way before. The real proof for me was looking at the web statistics for the limbo site. Google used to index our site 3 times more than the nearest search engine competitor. Now, today, they are number 2 BEHIND Yahoo indexing our site. What does that tell me? Google sold out and can no longer be trusted as a good search engine. Their aim now is money, not quality.

So, my advice is to look around for different search engines to use. I'm trying out ( , there is (  , ( ( and others.

I'm telling you this because if you are searching for information out there on the web you now have to do it with another search engine or a few search engines to get reliable data. That was the way it was before Google. So, take note, Google sucks!


PS A friend says it is because Google stock went public and now only the $$$$$ matters.
Post by: MrLiMBO on February 20, 2007, 08:52:44 AM
I have found the same thing lately. I didn't give it a thought.  Did seem like they were trying to steer me to sites that sold stuff as opposed to getting me a site that would answer my questions.

I used to use Yahoo, but it seemed like Google was doing it better.  I'll have to try Yahoo again.   Thanks for the tip.