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Title: What is it like at Fort Wilderness at Disney?
Post by: Red Baron on October 20, 2003, 08:02:22 PM
Hi Gang,<br> We are thinking of taking the kids to Disney and stay at Fort Wilderness.  I've been talking to a few friends at work and from what I hear Disney sounds almost overwhelming.  I'd like some other opinions and tips for Disney and what its like at Fort Wilderness.   Thanks. -Jim
Title: Re: What is it like at Fort Wilderness at Disney?
Post by: Anonymous on October 21, 2003, 06:25:19 PM
Well what exactly are you looking for?  <br><br>While we never stayed there, we did visit my brother and his wife's family one evening (we coincidently were in Orlando same time this past August).  What you are basically looking at is a mobil home park.  The cabins are cute, made to look rustic as opposed to the mobil trailer that they really are.  They have a "Murphy" bed that folds up into the wall in the livingroom (that was neat).  There are two bedrooms, decent sized bathroom, full kitchen, dinette table and little living room area with tv.  There is a pool, playground within the park, so the kids can keep busy too.  <br><br>I thought it was adorable and very family friendly. :D<br><br>Andrea
Title: Re: What is it like at Fort Wilderness at Disney?
Post by: Anonymous on October 22, 2003, 12:29:31 PM
We wouldn't use a cabin. We're planning to take our motorhome down, I was just wondering what insights volks might have about Disney and Fort Wilderness.  What to stay away from, whats to best deal, time of year to visit.  Can you have a fire on site? One site I visited said they have some sort of bon fire every night in one of the sections of the campground. Is Epcot worth visiting with a 9 and 12 year old? Should I spend more time on the Magic Kindom or go to MGM studios.  That sort of thing.   Just looking for some ideas.  I checked out a couple of non Disney sites about that sort of thing,  but I just thought some like-minded VW volks might have some ideas.  Thanks -Jim
Title: Re: What is it like at Fort Wilderness at Disney?
Post by: Anonymous on June 08, 2005, 01:46:27 PM
I have been to DW florida about 45 or 50 times since 1972 when my son was 3 months old.  Stayed at Ft. Wilderness about 15 times.  1st in a '67 splittie I converted to a camper,  later in a 73 Westie, then in a variety of Travel trailers ranging from a 12' Teardrop Scottie trailer to a 15' Phoenix trailer to a 26 foot AirStream Argosy trailer.  Just got a 91 Air Stream Classic for retirement next year and can't wait to get to Fort Wilderness!    Fort Wilderness is a camping Resort with exceptionally spacious wooded campsites.  They are arranged in huge loops with shuttle bus service at the entrance of the loops or if you want to pay extra you can rent golf carts to get around the campground.  At the main General Store area there is adinner theater with a fantastic, though pricey, "Whoop-de-do"  musical and slapstick comedy review that the kids love.  There is also a reasonably priced buffet restaurant and a mid-priced sitdown restaurant.  There is a great swimming beach, two massive swimming pools, rental boats, jetskis, fishing, a huge enormous waterpark(seperate pass) and horseback riding and a petting zoo.  They have nightly entertainment at a bonfire with Character appearances and sometimes disney movie viewing.  There is also a second pool/ General store area.  The shower houses are large and immaculately clean.  <br>As for Disney World, it takes at least a day to do each of the 4 Themeparks.  <br>The Magic Kingdom and Epcot would be prime for kids in the age group of yours.  The front part of Epcot is all like the interactive science and technology exhibits of a Worlds Fair which the kids go nuts over.  Rides include the GM Test Track and an inspired journey back into fullscale robotic dinosaur land.  The back part of Epcot is an International Worlds Fair with each exhibit run by a different country, with students from that country running things.  Each country runs a restaurant with ethnic food, and entertainers from each country come to perform either in the streets or in theaters.  <br>The Magic kingdom is really 4 themeparks in one and features rides and presentations for every age group and are varied entertainment,   educational, thrilling, or just humerous and fun.  It is truly magicical if you let yourself become immersed in a world without stress or worry.  <br>The Animal Kingdom is huge and features many broadway, circus and animatronic shows and rides plus animals living in their natural environment that you must ride safari cars or enter caves and grottos to observe so you don't disturb their lives.  <br>MGM is excellent, too, especially if you are a movie and theater buff.  Many live broadway style shows to see as well as enough rides to keep the kids entertained, but I would rate it #4 for kids that age unless they are really into movies.<br>If you check with the Disney Resorts you will find that there are many times in the late fall when you can stay at Fort Wilderness in the "off weeks" for half price.  This is a good time because everthing is less crowded, but you may find a few of the most popular exhibits closed for maintenance if you hit a bad week.  <br>All in all I like the 2nd week of December or there abouts to visit.  Small crowds, wonderful weather, in the 70's and 80's, little to no rain, the hurricane season is over and the Christmas decorations are up which adds a whole additional layer of beauty everywhere in the World.  There is really no place else like it on earth.  And yes it is as enjoyable to me today to go with my wife and son who is now 33 as it was when he was 3 months old!!
Title: Re: What is it like at Fort Wilderness at Disney?
Post by: Red Baron on June 08, 2005, 02:19:45 PM
WOW! Lots of info. Just what I was looking for. THANK YOU.  I went once, when I was 10.  I don't remmeber much, except space mountain (which was brand new) and Its a small world.  My friend says to go during Thanksgiving week. He seemed to think it was slower then, even with the holiday.   In a couple of years, I'll get three weeks vacation, hopefully then we'll go.  The kids will both be teens. Hopefully, they'll have fun. =)  Thanks again for the advice.
Title: Re: What is it like at Fort Wilderness at Disney?
Post by: Anonymous on June 23, 2005, 01:34:57 AM
Go in mid-November and attend the Bulli Brigade split bus show and huge cruise up I-75 in the Tampa area. It's a blast! <br>You gonna tow the split bus as a 'chase' vehicle if you go?<br><br>-Stan