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Title: no hot start
Post by: dmartin on August 28, 2011, 03:09:12 PM
I kinda hate to fix this problem, as it is giving our family great memories of the kids pushing the Vanagon at gas stations/stores while I pop the clutch, but I suppose in the middle of Hurricane Irene, they don't really want to get out to push...
Our '81 Vanagon starts great when it's cold, or even if it's been run several miles. It barely turns over two times (cylinders) and it starts. But if we run it further than that and the engine warms up, it won't start no matter how long you crank it or how much you put your foot in it. The starter is cranking it fine all the time. When I pop the clutch (after a no-start), the engine comes right to life like it's saying, "Huh? What? You were trying to start me? I didn't know that..." I've checked and reset points, and when I rebuilt the engine just 8k miles ago I changed plugs, wires, coil, etc. At this point I'm thinking maybe the fuel pump is getting tired? Getting ready to stow her away for the winter in a couple of months, but it would be nice to resolve this first....Peace.   Dan 8)
Title: Re: no hot start
Post by: dmartin on September 27, 2015, 09:01:08 AM
Problem solved. Battery had a bad cell or two (for multiple years) and did not have enough nuts to power the starter and the fuel pump except for a coldstart. Changed out battery and problem is gone. Thanks to all those with suggestions and advice!  ;)